Administrative Law and Review

We represent individuals, corporate and semi-governmental bodies before the Cyprus Supreme Court and the Tender Review Authority in recourses against the validity of decisions of public authorities and administrative organisations.

We can also assist on submitting tenders for several investment opportunities in Cyprus.

Banking Law

Acting as legal advisers to banks, co-ops and mostly individuals that deal with questions for account opening documentation, the closure of bank accounts, confidentiality issues, letters of credit, guarantees and the entire spectrum of banking instruments and products.

  Advise on law practice and procedure of banking in Cyprus
Represent insurance companies, sponsors, issues of securities, borrowers and co-ops
Services including bank products, regulatory issues, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions
Legal advice on financial regulations and litigation
Bankruptcy practice including litigation, commercial insolvency, receiverships and liquidation

Competition Law

From the early days of the Commission for the Protection of Competition (CPC) we were there, and we are involved in a number of cases. The goal of the CPC is to harmonize competition within the internal market by preventing unfair competition behaviour. Through the Protection of Competition Law (13(I)/2008), the CPC was established as the competition authority of Cyprus. Our firm can advise on unfair competition and anti-trust behaviour, on merger contracts and merger control, as well as litigation practice.

General Corporate and Company Law

The firms’ highly reputable and experienced corporate and commercial team provide high quality, practical and innovative advice on all aspects of company law. The types of work provided include:

Pre-incorporation and shareholders agreements and capital raising transaction.
Formation acquisition and sale of companies.
Corporate governance, reorganisation and restructuring
Public and private offerings of securities and securities law compliance.
Corporate management and management buy outs and earn outs.
Mergers and Acquisitions local and cross border.
Liquidations (voluntary – compulsory – equitable).
Registered Office, Secretary and Nominee Directors services.

Commercial Law

Commercial law, in layman's terms, determines the rights and duties of parties engaged in trade and commerce.

The firms' commercial law team provide sound and pragmatic advice on all types of transactions including drafting or perusing contracts, public tenders, procurement supply and turnkey contracts, banking and finance agreements, joint ventures, partnerships, commercial representation, distributorship, franchising and agency agreements. The firm has advised on several multimillion cross border ventures and transactions.


The firm provides advice and full support to applicants for a permanent residence permit or citizenship by investment including advice and support in meeting the criteria for securing these. The government in 2014 introduced two immigration schemes which are fast and direct, with no language requirements or minimum stay requirements.

What makes the Cypriot schemes different from other countries offering either permanent residency or citizenship programs, is that in Cyprus the applicant invests and doesn't donate, and the investment has to be maintained in Cyprus for at least three years from the date of approval. This investment can be in real property, which the applicant can rent. The Cyprus Permanent Residency Permit can be acquired in two (2) months (the first scheme), and the citizenship by investment can be acquired in as fast as six (6) months.  

Cyprus is a member of the European Union, which means by acquiring a Cyprus Citizenship the applicant, as well as spouse and children under twenty-eight (28) years old with no further investment, will have free movement and access within the European Union.

Intellectual Property

The law of intellectual property can be seen as analogous to the law of tangible property in that both consist of a bundle of rights conferred upon the property owner. The Cyprus IP tax regime covers a wide range of intangibles, including, copyrights, patented inventions and trademarks.

Our services include:
  Trademark/Tradename/Patent registration
  Industrial Design registration
  Drafting and reviewing of licensing, franchising & distribution agreements
  Undertake litigation for infringement of trademarks, patents, copyright, including authors & artists rights
  Advise on acquisition, registration & protection of intellectual property
  Post registration services, such as renewals of trademarks, payment of annuities of patents, trademark searches
  Negotiating, preparing, administering and enforcing IP agreements and transfers
  Re-publication of stories
  Trademark oppositions, cancellations and counterfeiting actions
  Representation at the WIPO

Maritime Law

The firms services in this field include Ship Registration, sale of ships and marine insurance, mortgages, ship management, charter parties, cargo agreements and matters relating to collision at sea salvage, towage, ship and cargo arrest and priority of claims in proceeds of sale.

Land Law

The firms’ team being an expert in this field provides advice and support on all matters relating to land including purchase agreements mortgages and encumbrances, land registry work and conveyancing proprietary claims and claims of rights over land, easements and restrictions. Planning and Building permits, constructions, division of land and buildings trespasses, nuisances, boundary disputes estate agents and rent control.


The firm’s strong litigation team practices in all areas of the law (including debt collecting) providing valuable feedback to the rest of the firm members as to the Court’s treatment and interpretations of various situations and laws thus enabling them to provide effective advice.

Our services include:
Banking and Finance
Debt Collection
Personal Injuries: claim or defend on road traffic accidents, workplace injuries or occupiers liability
Insurance Law
Corporate Law
Commercial Law.
Contract Law
Intellectual Property Law
Real Estate Law
Taxation Law
Tort Law
Product Liability
European Court Cases

Product Liability

Products form an integral aspect of our lives. The nature of the products is continually changing. Regardless of any contractual limitations of liability, if a product or any of its component parts are defective its manufacturer may be liable for damage.

We can provide advice, representation, and assistance on:
Contractual liability
Product recalls
Single or multi-party personal injury claims
Class/group actions
Compliance with safety regulations

Regulatory & Compliance

Regulatory & Compliance offers an opportunity to consistently strengthen your organization through strategic measures. If your organization is contemplating on entering the Cypriot market, we can advise you on the very latest regulations that would affect your investment

Our aim and responsibility is to provide you with an effective compliance service that supports your business and ensures that it complies with the relevant laws, regulations and internal procedures. We will identify the risks, if any, that your organization may face and advise on them, we will resolve any compliance difficulties as they occur and advice on rules.

Our team can advise on regulatory obligations and can act as liaison with the regulatory bodies in all fields, and specifically on:

  Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry
  Information Technology
  Data Protection
  Environmental (product design, waste disposal legislation, chemical restrictions, product labelling etc)


The firms’ tax consultants, in addition to providing advice and support in tax issues and arranging duty free set ups, work closely with all the other members ensuring that the advice and solutions offered to the client are tax efficient.

Trust and Trust / Investment Funds

The practice covers all aspects of trust law including establishment, restructuring and termination of commercial trusts under the Cyprus International Trust Law and establishment restructuring and termination of private, charitable and purpose trusts, trust disputes, beneficial and reversionary interests administration of trusts and investment funds.

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